quarta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2013


Alice Cooper or Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
A fictional frontier heroine or Vincent Furnier
Not Alice Cooper not a fictional frontier heroine
Anise-flavored or Coney Island
a peninsula once overrun by rabbits and licorice
not anise-flavored not a peninsula once overrun by rabbits
knocked up or “lawyer” in French
not avocado not a bun in the oven
knocked up and avocado
Chicken menstruation and the The Governator
Arnold Schwarzenegger or a raw egg
not The Governator not chicken menstruation
Samuel Clemens or Lewis Carroll
Not Charles Dodgson not Mark Twain
Mark Twain and Lewis Carroll
An atoll in the Micronesian Islands or Sandwich
Captain Cook’s name for Hawaii and Bikini
not Bikini not Sandwich
OK Cupid and she’s over it
internet speed dating or she doesn’t call
She’s not over it not OK Cupid
Poema de Iris Cushing, poeta Americana. Tirado daqui.

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