quarta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2014

A poema by Angela Readman

Beatrix Potter’s Bed

I never told you how when I saw the sows
birthing I could no longer draw pigs in red velvet.
The sounds curl around me like tails, drag me
back to watch you digging all day. One hand
brushes a fringe from your eyes, we look,
rabbits in our garden, eyes hopping into holes.
The sky’s a blue jacket, snared on a fence,
I suppose tonight we’ll try again. But, for now,
we have daylight to farm, hours to bump into,
glimpses of each other to snatch. You: lips wind raw,
knee deep in sheep. Me: knuckles radish red/white
pounding dough. Tonight we will pull back the sheets
like squirrels making a raft of twigs, open the basket
and pour a hundred pictures the day paints of us
over the bed, so full, I can’t see room for more.

Retirado daqui.

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